Use This Strategy to Never Leave Your Belongings Behind Again

Packing List For Vacation Or Trip

By this point, I could fill an apartment with all the stuff I’ve lost or left in behind on vacation. Clothes, electronics, and toiletries – I’ve left it all.

Some of it I got back, some of it wasn’t worth the effort or the money. When you leave your belongings in a Vacation Quest condo, housekeeping will let the resort or homeowner know and we will facilitate getting it back to you.

But it can still be an inconvenience and the shipping cost is an easily preventable expense. So if you also have trouble leaving things behind in condo, here are some tips to help you come home with everything you took with you: [Continue reading...]

Today is National Guacamole Day!

Avocado with leaves on white background

September 16 is National Guacamole Day! But who needs an excuse to indulge in the creamy, tangy goodness of guacamole? Not only is it delicious, it’s good for you. Avocados are nutrient-dense and packed with healthy fats that help lower cholesterol.

Since the amazing avocado is a staple in American Mexican cuisine, we thought we’d share some Vacation Quest restaurant recommendations located in a couple of our notable destinations in Arizona, New Mexico and California.
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Member Monday: Embracing Magnificent Myrtle Beach

Christine and Sam

When Christine R. took her family to the Barefoot Resort Harbor Cove in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for the first time, they knew it would be beautiful, but not this gorgeous! Celebrating her mother’s 81st birthday with her husband and daughter, they explored as much as you can in one week. They share their experiences in […]

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Destination Spotlight: Daytona Beach


Daytona Beach, Florida, is one of the most diverse locations in the country. It has amazing beaches, a flair for auto racing, a rich history and much more. The best part is that Vacation Quest has many vacation options for a Florida vacation. Let Brooke M., general manager at Sea Shells Beach Club, be your guide as […]

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It’s Worthwhile to Plan Ahead!


Advanced Notice Can Save Travel Disappointment You wouldn’t expect to successfully plan a major event or a destination wedding a week or two from the event date, would you? The same philosophy should be applied to making travel plans, particularly when they involve special conditions, like accommodating a group, holiday and peak season travel dates, […]

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Member Monday: Austria Is Spectacular at Every Turn


Randy and Beth R. recently spent a week in scenic Austria at the Club La Costa Alpine Centre. Celebrating their 20-year wedding anniversary, they couldn’t have asked for a better setting. Here they share some must-visit places for this week’s Vacation Quest Member Monday.

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