New Resort Coming 2015: The Bay Gardens in St. Lucia


Some destinations can sound  too good to be true, and we think we’ve stumbled across another one! The Bay Gardens Beach Resort in St. Lucia will  give you the ultimate Caribbean experience coming to Vacation Quest in 2015.

This 27-mile long, 14-mile wide island makes a perfect Caribbean vacation for its abundance of activities, thriving lifestyle and gorgeous surroundings. The resort itself is nestled on Reduit Beach where you can relax by the lagoon-style pool or unwind with a tropical beverage on the warm, sandy beach. We also offer units on the marina.

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Member Monday: Deeper Into Callaway Gardens


When we introduced the Callaway Gardens Resort in Pine Mountain, Georgia, we knew it had a lot to offer for Vacation Quest members, though we didn’t know to what extent. So our Lease Manager, Tina H., recently paid the resort a visit for an in-depth look at all the on-site activities. This week’s Member Monday shows you why Callaway Gardens is an action packed destination all on its own: [Continue reading...]

Is Cruising Really One of the Safest Forms of Travel?


(Yes, it Really Is!) Despite what some skeptics may think, cruising is actually one of the safest forms of travel among all comparable forms of passenger transportation. Vacation Quest has found some hard facts on cruise safety.

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Five Vacation Destinations That Will Make You Love Autumn

Falling over in the Fall

If you’re into mild temperatures and changing of the trees, autumn is the best time to travel with Vacation Quest. Today is the official First Day of Autumn, the perfect time to start thinking about your  fall vacation! Here are five of the best places to experience the cool air and brilliant leaves:

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Member Monday: Global Goes to Galveston, Texas

Exterior View

Our employees need vacations, too! And just like our members, we love to hear about it, especially when they stay at a Vacation Quest Resort. Nancy P., assistant manager of the Global Connections travel department, recently visited the Victorian Condo Resort in Galveston, Texas, and gives a detailed rundown of the condo and local attractions. “The Victorian Condo […]

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Use This Strategy to Never Leave Your Belongings Behind Again

Packing List For Vacation Or Trip

By this point, I could fill an apartment with all the stuff I’ve lost or left in behind on vacation. Clothes, electronics, and toiletries – I’ve left it all. Some of it I got back, some of it wasn’t worth the effort or the money. When you leave your belongings in a Vacation Quest condo, housekeeping […]

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