Where is My Condo’s Air Conditioning?

Thermostat setting the temperature

If you’re well-traveled with Vacation Quest, you may have experienced a resort that is without one of our home’s standard amenities: air conditioning. Before you panic about a unit with no heating or cooling, it’s good to know the reasoning behind it.

With the weather starting to heat up, we’ll tell you why having no A/C shouldn’t become a detractor for a resort because you might not need it: [Continue reading…]

Member Monday: Jena Dives Headfirst into Hawaiian Lifestyle


Member Jena W. knocked it out of the park with this Member Monday from her time at Pono Kai Resort in Kauai, Hawaii. As if sky diving and scuba diving weren’t enough, she did as much as you can in one vacation and has recommendations for any Vacation Quest member planning a trip to Hawaii.  [Continue reading…]

7 Types of Collectibles that Represent Your Vacations

Adventure decoration

Many travelers love to have an authentic keepsake to remind them of their travels. You’ve probably seen people with little glass jars full of sand from Hawaii to Aruba displayed in their home, a constant reminder of all the wondrous adventures they had. But if sand isn’t your thing or it doesn’t fit into your […]

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The Pros and Cons of Traveling Solo


“Small world,” people often say. Except it’s not. Just go someplace you’ve never been all by yourself and see how small you feel. I just got back from a solo trip to Orlando and, walking through the highly congested theme parks, I learned a lot about myself as well as what it takes to survive […]

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Good Times Roll on Jazz & Mardi Gras VIP Cruise

Global Member John Morakis welcomes VIP cruisers to the Mardi Gras party.

Global Members and guests are raving about their “VIP” treatment on the Vacation Quest Jazz & Mardi Gras Global VIP Cruise this February. The Eastern Caribbean cruise took place on Princess Cruise’s Regal Princess Ship and was hosted by Global Travel Consultant Jacky Butler and Travel Manager Lori Smith.

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Member Monday: 60 Years of Memories and Counting in Myrtle Beach


Member Kathy B. lives in Gaffney, South Carolina, which is near her favorite destination spot: Myrtle Beach. Making the most of her Vacation Quest membership, Kathy is about as familiar as you can be with the area, so we thought she should share her expertise in this week’s Member Monday! 

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