Costa Rica Cures Vacation Deprivation

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Fact: Americans leave more than 500,000,000 vacation days unused.
Fact: One in four Americans gets no paid vacation.
Fact: Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, home to a variety of natural terrain.
Fact: Vacation Quest has the perfect Costa Rica vacation just waiting for you this summer and fall.

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Member Dane Y. Gets Muddy in Sedona and Wins a Free Expressway Week

Dane Y., Fort Worth, Texas: "RAZR Quad not-so-clean"

Dane Y., Fort Worth, Texas: “RAZR Quad not-so-clean”

If you take a closer look at Vacation Quest Member Dane Y.’s second-place photo in our 2015 Shoot for the Stars contest, you’ll see that the four-wheeler was originally painted black. It took some serious mudding, but there’s enough caked-on dirt from the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, to make the quad look like it’d been painted.

Even before Dane rented the quad, he was looking to get messy. He asked the man working at the rental company where they could find some mud, putting his intentions up front. [Continue reading…]

10 Tips for Packing Light and Looking Good


Words used to describe me when traveling include “high maintenance,” “clothes horse” and “product queen.” Yet I have gotten so good at traveling light I now pack about half as much as my husband (and look twice as good, ha ha).

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Pinching the Louvre – Carmelo Tells Us How He Got His Winning Photo

Carmelo & Theresa S., Collierville, Tennessee: "During our stay at the Royal Regency in Vincennes (Paris), we had fun posing while pinching the Louvre Pyramid"

Vacation Quest member, Carmelo S., has a unique tradition with his four children: When they turn 13, he takes them on vacation, just the two of them. And one of those trips earned him third place in this year’s Shoot for the Stars photo contest!

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I’m Waitlisted. What Does This Mean for My Vacation Request?

Business woman working on bed in hotel room

When we posted our infographic about when you should book your vacation with Vacation Quest, we had many members tell us about ending up on a waitlist instead of reserving their vacation. Being on a waitlist doesn’t mean you are too late or that you won’t get your condo, rather you’re put in line for […]

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When Should You Book Your Vacation? [Infographic]

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One of the keys to your Vacation Quest membership is knowing when to book your vacation. There is no perfect formula, so we always say to book as soon as you know you you’re going to travel. You can book as far as a year in advance, which we encourage for the most popular destinations, so […]

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