Condos vs. Hotels: Is there a Difference?

While there are many lodging options in which to stay during your travels, each comes equipped for different travel needs. Condominiums and hotels are some of the more popular options, which you can get through Global Connections.

Choosing between condos and hotels can be a bigger decision than you realize as far as comfort and pricing. Here are some of the differences so you can choose the right lodging for you.

Condos: The Comforts of Home

Sea Shells Beach Club resort.

Anyone who has ever stayed in a condo knows why they are our members’ preferred way to travel. With the space and comforts of an apartment, as well as the possibility of other bonus amenities such as grills or tennis courts, condos are especially great for weeklong stays.


Along with a full or partial kitchen, you can save money by cooking all your meals in the condo. Don’t take your ovens and microwaves for granted!
Some condos give you access to a patio or balcony with your own private access.


You get more space for the price. If you were to get a three-bedroom condo, you could split the costs with others while having the space to live independently. That includes private bathrooms and bedrooms, plus a living room for a central place to gather.


Condos are oftentimes owned by individuals, giving them a unique personality. In many places, this reflects the lifestyle of the destination, which is all part of the experience.

Note: Your condo’s layout and amenities may differ from the description above.

Hotels: Service-Based Lodging

Hotels are the most common and convenient way to spend time in a location. You might find a town that doesn’t have resort condominiums, but it most likely has a hotel. They offer some flexibility and hospitality that most resorts do not, so hotels could be your best option depending on your travel plans.


One of the biggest differences between hotels and condominiums is the housecleaning service. Most hotels have daily housekeeping whereas most resorts clean at check-in and check-out. Some condos might offer a mid-week cleaning during your stay, which could cost an extra fee. Condos are more self-service, hotels provide the service.

Guest Services

Want breakfast delivered to your room? Do you prefer valet parking? Hotels cater to their guests in different ways such as informative concierges, helpful bellhops and convenient room service.


Hotels and motels are abundant and available pretty much anywhere people congregate. Unless you are trying to stay close to the Super Bowl, Olympics or some insanely popular event, you can usually find space within a reasonable distance. You also book rooms per night, so it’s friendly to any length of stay.

Condos and hotels can even offer some of the same goods, such as pools, spas, on-site restaurants and more. Each property is different, so it helps to do research beforehand.

Some people don’t care about their accommodations as long as they get to visit their destination, which is great! But we can give you advice if you need it. For instance, if you’re planning on spending more than a couple days in a single location, we encourage you to opt for a condo if it’s available. If you want to visit an area and you can’t book a condo for whatever reason, you’ll usually have a hotel as a backup.

What are your favorite reasons for staying in a condo vs. a hotel, or vice versa?

Corey is a writer from Overland Park, KS, and has been with Vacation Quest since September. Once a sportswriter, he traveled the country and became proficient in airport security line etiquette and leaving items in hotel rooms.