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Does your mom deserve a vacation? Now is your chance to give her some much-needed R and R with your Vacation Quest membership.

In honor of Mother’s Day and some of the strongest people we know, we want to give one lucky mother an Expressway!

All you need to do is tell us why your mom needs a getaway. Is she selfless beyond measure? Has she been able to travel much throughout her lifetime? How does she inspire you?


  • Tell us, in as many words as you choose, why your mother deserves a vacation.
  • You can comment on this blog post or post on our Facebook wall.
  • We’ll have our executives choose from the entries to give one lucky mom an Expressway Week!
  • Entries are due at 5 p.m. CST on Friday, May 12. We will announce the winner the following week.

Tell us your stories below!

Membership must be in good standing to redeem the Expressway Vacation. Expressway voucher will be valid for one year upon receipt. Once an Expressway or other trip itinerary has been confirmed and tickets have been issued, no changes will be permitted. No cash value.

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10 thoughts on “Enter the Mother’s Day Expressway Giveaway

  1. I would like to enter my stepmother, Kathy Wachtendorf, for the much needed vacation giveaway. My mother passed away in 2001 after a lengthy illness. Kathy was her best friend and took care of her during some of her worst times. They were quilting buddies, loved making dolls, dying fabric, and many other fun things. After my mother passed away, Kathy helped my dad keep things together and they eventually married. I was so happy that he had someone to keep him company and was comfortable knowing that she had been a part of our family for many years. She took an interest in his hobbies, learning how to shoot and hunt, besides keeping the house in order and being an excellent cook.

    Kathy has always kept in touch with me and been a great friend, as well as stepmother. I live 2500 miles away from them and my dad isn’t much of a communicator. She has managed to keep peace in the family, as well as keep my dad happy, which is quite an accomplishment. My dad recently had a quadrupedal bypass and had a pacemaker installed. He was in the hospital and rehab for many weeks 75 miles away from their home in Washington State in January. They live on a mountain and have to travel treacherous roads to go to town. This winter this was a lot of snow and ice, but Kathy traveled that long trip everyday by herself to go see my dad in the hospital. During this time, the electricity went out, the pump to the water well stopped working, yet she kept on trucking. She also had to learn to keep the boiler running so as to have heat in the house. Every night she would either call or email my brother and me with an update on my dad.

    If anyone deserves a vacation, Kathy has to be the one. She is the most generous, selfless, person I know and I would love to be able to show her my appreciation by winning this for her.

  2. I want to take my mom on a vacation with my family. She is caregiver to my dad who has trouble getting around because of back and knee issues. As my dad has become more and more limited in his travels, this has limited my mom as well who has a desire to do and see more. Depression is amplified and conversation has become that about there is no fun during this season of life. Both my sister and I live over 400 miles away and try to get home as much as we can. Have been looking at larger condos on the Gulf Coast, but finances are a hindering factor. Would love to creste a memory with my parents while blessing my mom and giving her a little ray of sunshine during a dark season.

  3. My mom has always been the travel guide in our family. From when I was a hold our we would take our vacations at time share visits. We didn’t have much money but those were times of family fun. When I was older and had kids of my own she would plan trips for all the kids, cruises, snow skiing, whatever they wanted to do she was on it. Now in her older years she has been diagnosed with dementia. All she talks about is going on a trip again. I would love to take her somewhere and tell her she won because of how amazing she was as a mother, grandmother and now great grandmother! Thanks for making life better through what y’all offer!


  4. Our mom deserves a vacation! This past year she was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. In the mist of her struggle, she continued to take care of us three kids by keeping things as normal for us as possible. Additionally, she continued to work And be an encouragement to everyone around her. She was able to encourage a group of women this past summer and I put her talk on YouTube. Go to Sherri Taunton on YouTube and you will see just how amazing our mother is to us. Pick her. Thank you,
    Jacob, Samantha and Bailey

  5. My beautiful mom is the most selfless person that I know. Looking back, we had times where I know we didn’t have the money for new shoes, but somehow she found a way for me to get 2 pairs. When I wanted to be on dance team in high school, a $4,000+ venture, she worked full time during the day and worked concession and beer stands at concerts until all hours of the night during the week, just for a tiny portion of the proceeds to go towards my dance team costs. She’s sold poinsettias and cookie dough tirelessly. She did the same thing for my sister as well. Now she is the sole provider in her household and takes care of my nephew in the evening most days. She hasn’t gotten to travel much and she so deserves to see the world!

  6. Last December we about lost my mom to congestive heart failure. And for the first time ever we spent Christmas Day at the hospital while she was in ICU waiting for an operation that is compatible to heart transplant. Normally we take a family vacation and take my mother but last year she was so weak she couldn’t even walk so we began to realize more than ever we needed to take her where she always wanted to go and that is Dollywood but unfortunately we had to cancel because of her declining health condition. But praise God she finally had the operation February 7th and doing awesome and getting stronger everyday so we are wanting to plan on that Dollywood family vacation

  7. As I type this I have tears in my eyes. I have been blessed with two moms. I will start with my biological mom Susan. I loved her dearly she was the mom everyone wanted and she raised a lot of kids that weren’t hers. She was a school teacher and Science was her favorite. My parents divorced when I was 5 and a few years later is when I gained my amazing other mother (step mom) I don’t like that word so I don’t use it. Her name is Cindy and she was a special education teacher. I will begin the time line of the obstacles that both my mom’s had to face.
    In 1994 my mom Susan got really sick and ended up spending over a month in the hospital. She had a rare lung disease that was almost unheard of in the US. They told us that there were chances that she would not make it, however she did and begin living a normal live again.
    In the meantime my stepmom Cindy became very ill. She was in St Francis hospital and we were told that she had a Contra sarcoma a very rare cancer that only 5 cases had been found in the US. The shock of this news was so devastating to us. I was in 6th grade and didn’t understand why this was happening. She also was in the hospital for over 40 days and was told that she may not leave the hospital. They were able to remove the mass and she got to go home. Home health came in daily to take care of her she was on her way back to her old life. We finally went back to normal for a while.
    My dad then got Rabbit Fever and he too was in the hospital for over 40 days. He lost so much weight and they told my mom Cindy to make funeral arrangements because he would not be leaving the hospital. By the grace of God and all the prayers he got to come home and has been pretty healthy.
    Skipping to the summer of 98, my mom Cindy got really sick she went to the Doctor and they told us our worse fears. The Contra sarcoma was back. However this time it was bigger and had grown into her spine. She made a trip to Mayo clinic in Minnesota where there was doctor who specialized in rare cancers and he was very certain he could remove it and she would have a somewhat normal life. He told us there was a chance that she would never walk or talk again. They scheduled the surgery and we all sat in the hospital scared, nervous, and praying. I now we are supposed to worry about nothing and pray about everything. I was 14 it was hard to think about anything except your mom being in so much pain. The surgery lasted about 18 hours. When I finally got to see her I was horrified her body wasn’t her body she was so swollen and in so much pain. They had literally cut her in half removed the tumor along with most of her spine, replaced it with bone from her leg, hip, and titanium rods. I whine when I stub my toe and here she was holding it all together. After several weeks in the hospital she was able to come home and have home health come in to take care of her until she was better. She talked just fine and begin to walk up and down the drive way. She had a lot of pain but pushed through it. She pushed through the pain and beat all odds. She was a walking miracle literally.
    Now back to my mom Susan Fall of 98 she was always so tired which was unlike her because she was always doing something. She loved to garden, had the most beautiful flower beds in Cherokee county, painted like nobody I’ve ever seen, she really could do it all. We made it through Christmas and she just kept getting sicker. She went to the Doctor and they immediately transferred her to St Johns. Was again we were told our worse fears. My sweet mom had lung cancer. We had to move to Tulsa so she would be close for her to take her chemo and radiation. My aunt and I drove back and forth every day to Hulbert so I could go to school. She finally was in remission after 2 months of treatments. We moved back home only to find two more spots on her hip and ribs. They began radiation and those too were in remission. We were slowly on our way back to a normal life.
    My grandpa came to visit one day and brought her a cocoon it was on a twig and was hatched out. He wanted her to take it to school and teach on the stages of butterflies. She sat it on the fireplace mantel and forgot all about it. A few weeks later my mom got really sick and couldn’t remember her name. I took her to the hospital and they broke our hearts again. She had 4 brain tumors; they said that she would just have to live life until she couldn’t. We found a doctor that wanted to try a new procedure. They performed the X-knife procedure. She was like a new woman; we finally had our mom back. Several weeks had passed she was feeling great and then one night she wasn’t. We headed back to Tulsa to take her to the hospital; she was there for about a week with them not sure what was wrong. Her and I were sitting in the room one night and she said sissy baby when people die God leaves signs to let your know that they are alright. I want you to know that I will be fine. She drew me a beautiful butterfly and told me that she loved me. A few days later the doctor told us that her lungs were filling up with fluid and that the cancer had spread all over and she had an hour to a week to live. My heart was broke into a million pieces, I was only 16 and I had to let my mom go. Two days later on August 11, 1999 my sweet mom went home to be with the Lord.
    That night, my brothers and I went to the house to get her things to take to the funeral home. When I walked in the den, there it was the most beautiful butterfly ever. I knew then she was home. Life was hard going through so much without my mom but I was the blessed one that I still had my mom Cindy.
    Life was slowly returning to somewhat normal when my nana started hurting again. She went to the doctor to find out that her rods had snapped in her back. She went through another surgery to fix them. She slowly recovered once again. We began to take care of her sister who had colon cancer. Her name was Susan also. I am telling you God does not make mistakes. She passed away almost a year to the day that my mom did on August 14, 2000.
    My mom Cindy began to hurt once again. She went back to the doctor and her rods had snapped again. Another surgery this time they used steel rods and took her rib and bent it backwards and fused it together. She recovered for the 5th time from major back surgery.
    Several years had passed and life was somewhat normal. My nana started feeling sick she went to the doctor only to be told that she had thyroid cancer. They did surgery and said she would more than likely have a speech defect and that she would not talk for days if at all. That evening we walked into her room and she was up talking and you couldn’t even tell she had surgery. Once again she beat the odds. The doctor in Muskogee said she would need chemo and radiation. We decided to take her back to the mayo to get a second opinion. She told me before she left that she was healed. So standing on faith my dad and her headed to Minnesota. After her appt. she called and said I was right no signs of cancer anywhere besides what they took out.
    Once again here we are trying to recover once again from so much pain and sorrow. Yet giving praise to God for letting us keep her. Fast forward a few years down the road she had a spot come up on her face went to the doctor and once again it was cancer, Squamish carcinoma Cell cancer. They removed it and was again she was healed. We have had such a blessed life. She was never able to have kids. However she has been the best mom anyone could ask for and she is my best friend.
    Before Christmas 2015 she started getting sick again, I was so scared that the cancer was back. After about 5-6 doctors, tons of blood work, trial meds and everything else you can imagine they have determined that she will have to have another back surgery. We are so thankful that the cancer has not reoccurred but we are sad that she has to go through this again. She will have surgery in June and recovery should go pretty smooth. She has endured so much pain, heartache and sadness yet she always keeps moving forward and always praises God through the storm. She gives him all the glory. I can never repay her for what she has done for our family. Without her we would not be where we are today. I am hoping that I can win this trip for her. It would be a perfect get away for her. Thank you for your consideration. Have a blessed day.

    Sis Hubbard

  8. I would like to nominate my wife. Like many here and across the world, she works full-time and carries more than her share at home. We have four little ones: two 9 year old girls, a 3 year old boy, and an 8 month old boy. She is a great mother, but it’s her involvement with the littlest that I’d like to highlight.

    We found out (in utero) that he had a heart defect that would require a minimum of two open heart surgeries to repair, one possible right after birth, one at about 6 months, and one between 3 & 4 years old. That weighed heavily on her. This is on top of her having a clotting condition that required daily heparin shots in the belly. Our first appointment with a pediatric cardiologist went well, but as we were guided to the pediatric cardiac surgeon, it took a downward turn. We were told that our boy would not be normal, likely not even developmentally below average. This was one of the few times I’ve seen my normally tough wife break down. She went home dejected, but decided to research the condition. She found another pediatric cardiac surgeon and team of doctors at a like hospital who did not agree with the long term developmental prognosis. She continued on with them until until our son was born on August 30th, whole and healthy, with the exception of his heart condition. He was fortunate not to need the possible first surgery, but he did spend a week in the CICU of Cooks Children’s Hospital.

    Fast forward almost four months and it’s time for his first open heart procedure. She did all of the arranging and shuttling. And she stayed by his bedside the entire time while I handled our other three. Her seemingly tireless care of this family certainly deserves to awarded.

    Her sister is currently pregnant with twins and they would like to take a girl’s trip (two sisters and mom) before she has the babies and I can’t think of a better present for her than to cover the cost of their lodging. It might even affect where they go!

  9. My mother deserves one more getaway vacation as she is 95 years old and it will probably be her last. Her last vacation was 17 years ago and she loved it. Please honor her with just one more. She has taken care of herself for the last 29 years, since her husband, my father, passed away. She has worked both in and outside the home and raised two children and helped to raise a grandchild, as well. She is a religious woman who prays that there is something on the other side for her. Please show her one more thing on THIS side. Thank you.

  10. My mother has always been there for me and everyone else all of my life she has had to endure a lot of personal pain in the last few years starting with getting sick and not worrying about herself while she was trying to do for my grandmother with alzheimers and dementia which caused her to get dehydrated and shut her kidneys down and have to spend about 10 days in the hospital and them put her on dialysis prematurely and do permanent damage to her kidneys because she had an idiot doctor she got herself off of dialysis still trying to take care of herself help my grandma handle her rental trailers and keep herself going as well with very little income since she is disabled now this past december my grandma got her so upset she threw her into a heartattack but still because nobody else in the family will take my grandma or help with her because they have only wanted to still from my grandmother and she squashed that so they didn’t want to give any help she spent 10 more days in the hospital for that heartattack then she had a bad breathing spell early this april and spent 13 more days in the hospital while they tried to figure out what was causing the issues i feel like she has bent over backwards to take care of my elderly grandmother on top of taking care of me getting me through some of the hard times in my life there is no better mother in this world in my opinion she has given her health up to take care of my elderly grandmother who doesn’t show her any respect for anything she has done so i want to help her get something good in her life to show her how special she really is. Thank you for considering her for this free expressway vacation and i hope everyone shows there mothers a happy mothers day

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